David H. writes of Abacu5:

"Someone once commented on the song, "Stairway…"  "It slowly but tastefully becomes rock."  Abacu5 started off slowly, causing one to wonder, "Surely they are not just another pop act."  Then, like its namesake, the hovering sphere fell, and the bottom became Adamized, as Adam, the bass player, nigh well split his pants, stooping close enough to the floor to sweep it with his wirewound wonder.

Samuel flew in like a shot out of a cannon and proceeded to assault the stratosphere with blistering notes.  All the while, Mr. Sprang stood tall and still; like a martyr among thieves.  In the background, a drummer pounded the beat in leadpipe rhythm.
The sonic assault roared.  And like a shower of flaming fireworks, it was quickly extinguished.  Fade to black.
The band receded into the background.
And we all had a real good time.”

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